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Poké  (pronounced “POH-keh” just like OK!)  originates in Hawaii.  What is Poké? - Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and sauces.

We at Yo Poke are a family who love seafood !  Over the years we have travelled the world researching the perfect Poke bowl and love it so much we wanted to bring the perfect Poke experience to Bozeman


Why do we love Poké? -

Fast , super healthy, fresh,  fun,  tasty,  flavourful & so versatile you can have infinite combinations.


We have combined traditional Poke with some our own unique flavours . Our Yo signature dish   - Yo Salmon Thai Larb is definitely one of our favourites.

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